Monday, 25 March 2013

It's Coming to An End... WOW.

WOW!!  Where has the time gone!!  As of next Tuesday I will be on my home... crazy to think about!!

March has been a VERY busy month for me which is why I haven't done an update in a while.  The Tattered Tiara's team was SO amazing!!  A baby orphanage, swimming in Lac Rose, camel rides, a mosquito net distribution, a Senegalese church service, crafts with deaf and preschool children, a street kids feeding program, three OCC shoebox distributions, an animal reserve, chapel at a missionary kids school, Goree Island, a trip to the zoo with Senegalese kids, a traditional Senegalese meal eating around the bowl with our neighbours, and more.  We really had a great week with them.  The girls did such a great job at entering into the culture, and engaging with the people they came in contact!  The team dynamics were also amazing, I was very pleased with them all.  Such a great group of girls, and never a dull moment!  It made for a fast week, we were sad to see them go.  

I was FINALLY able to be a part of some Operation Christmas Child distributions... 4 to be exact!!  It was incredible, all very different experiences.  This past Christmas was the first time I have ever packed boxes for Samaritan Purse's Operation Christmas Child.  When I found out that I would be helping with distributions here in Senegal I was SOOO excited!!  What an incredible experience, and privilege it was!  Seeing the children's faces light up when they received and opened their boxes absolutely warmed my heart.  My favourite OCC moment was during our dinner on the roof with the neighbours.  We had a small scale distribution with the kids and they were soo excited.  The little boy from across the road (who is one of 7 children, lives on the side of the swamp with his parents and siblings in very poor living conditions) opened his box, and I watched as his face lit up when he saw the stuffed penguin that was in his box.  It was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen.  That was such a memorable moment that I will cherish in my heart forever.

After the Tattered Tiara's team I headed out of the city to do a painting project with a team from British Columbia.  It was a fun few days, but I was very tired and ended up coming home a couple days early, in need of rest and relaxation.

This morning I went to the street kids feeding program and there were over 100 boys who were served breakfast!  Apparently that is the largest amount of boys that has been served!!  It was crazy, and I loved it!!  At the end of the morning a little boy came up to us and, through two translations, said "You guys feed us bread and milk every morning... God bless you for it".  Keep in mind that this is a Muslim boy!  God is at work!  He is so good.  He is even at work through handing out breakfast in the morning, AMEN!

I have 8 days left in Senegal.  It is crazy to think that this chapter is coming to an end.  Now to return home, and try to sort through everything I have learned and experienced.  Please pray for a smooth re-entry period.  Often times re-entry is more difficult than entering into a new culture.  Pray that I am able to get everything done in time; homework wise.  Also pray that I am able to find a summer job quickly after returning home!!  

Thanks again for all the prayers and support!!  You have been an encouragement to me in the last 10 weeks!  May God bless you all!

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