Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Busy Week Thus Far...

On Sunday I went to a church in downtown Dakar with a team from Ontario.  They are a deaf team, here to help out at the deaf school.  It was a very powerful service!  I bought my first French Bible, which is also pretty great!!  After church I went to a baby orphanage and had a chance to visit with the babies and play with them!  One quickly attached himself to me, and everywhere I went he was behind me, pulling at my capris.  Such a sweetheart.  It had a different feel to it then the baby orphanage in Kenya, but it definitely brought back the many memories from my time there in 2009.

Monday morning we had our Olympic day for the deaf school.  This was a very fun time for the teachers, Canadian team, as well as for the children.  They LOVED it!  You could see that they enjoyed the competition and there was a sense of accomplishment on their faces.  What a beautiful and fun way to build up confidence in children!  The day was such a success and I am very happy that I got to be apart of it!

Please continue to pray for my health as I continue my time here in Senegal.  I have now been here for 4 weeks and am doing well.  I am enjoying the ministry, but have been under attack and need continual prayer for strength.  God is doing great things, and the devil is not happy about it!  Please pray that I am able to stay focused on why God has brought me here, and that I will continue to trust in His guidance for my life and ministry.

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